In our 20+ years of experience, we’ve  learned that without a deeply-thoughtout documented strategy, digital  marketing efforts often just come down to a throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see what-sticks approach. Instead, our process-driven approach is designed to give EDOs the extra marketing power they need to get noticed.





Build credibility and brand equity with tailored content created to bring you qualified investment leads. ROI Digital Labs works with you to develop a content strategy that delivers what EDOs are looking for from the start of the site selection process right up to decision time.
From blogs and videos to case studies and white papers, we build content that is meaningful and informative at every point of the investor journey. We understand that not all prospects are the same, so we use segmentation to tailor our content to show that you understand their needs.
Give Them Everything They Need to Know
Content Creation


We understand the importance of being found online. With the use of paid search campaigns and social media advertising, we make sure you get a head start in showcasing your location. With a deep understanding of the many social networks, we discover where your prospects are and help build your presence there, so you engage and build relationships easily.
We make sure you appear authentic and creative so you can stand out in a crowded market.
Paid Search & Social Media Advertising
Make sure EDOs can find you at the start of their search


Most of the prospects in your funnel or CRM are not ready to close a deal. The site selection process can take up to 18 months and ROI Digital Labs makes sure that your investors are nurtured effectively throughout the entire process. We work with you to develop a strategy that involves defining personas, so you understand your prospects’ needs. Then we use focused content that offers value and aligns with those needs.
Good lead nurturing involves using a variety of tactics and knowing exactly when to reach out, so you stay top of mind.
The right lead nurturing strategy makes sure that no prospect gets left behind
Lead Nurturing


Today’s powerful digital technology allows you to track your prospects’ actions and manage the entire digital journey your investors make. You get intelligence that tells you what type of content your investor is interested or not interested in so you can provide more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. We develop decision trees programming, retargeting campaigns and automated workflows that get the job done with minimal effort from you or your team.
Marketing Automation
Always know the right time to make your next move


From the moment when the event is just an idea penciled in on your calendar, to the weeks following the event, ROI Digital Labs handles every detail of your webinar, virtual trade show, live streaming event and more. We’ll build a targeted audience, identify speakers, manage the registrations, and develop a content strategy. We’ll even emcee the event for you. We’ll make sure your event gains visibility by using email, telephone outreach, social media and event landing pages and we’ll nurture your prospects afterwards. ROI Digital Labs takes the hassle out of event planning and delivers results.
Get your message out to the right people with the right event
Online Event Promotion & Management

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