Thailand's Digital Ecosystem with Special Measure Under Long-Term Resident Visa (LTR)

Learn more about what Thailand has to offer with NEW LTR Visa & Digital Ecosystem incentive programs.

The new digital age is here and Thailand is the place to build your next venture. Join the webinar to learn what Thailand has to offer with our new LTR Visa and digital ecosystems. 

The event will include a presentation from key thought leaders in the industry, and a senior executive at a US-based company on how operating in Thailand has had a positive effect on the company’s growth.

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022
9am - 10 am PT | 12pm - 1 pm ET | 11pm - 12 am BKK

About the Webinar

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2022
9am - 10 am PT | 12 pm - 1pm ET | 11pm - 12am BKK

Attendees will come away with an understanding of the following:

  • Criteria for the NEW 10-year LTR Visa for Long-Term Residents and how to apply
  • Exploring Thailand’s digital ecosystem for your next venture
  • How the Thai Government could support your business’ growth
  • Tips and experiences in living and working in Thailand



8:50 am (PT) – Webinar Room Opens


9:00 am (PT) – Opening Remarks

Mr. Tor Saralamba
Consul-General, Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles

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9:05 am (PT) – Digital Ecosystem in Thailand

Mr. Chatchai Khunpitiluck
Senior Executive Vice President, Digital Economy Promotion Agency

Mr. Chatchai Khunpitiluck, is the Chief of Operation and Senior Executive Vice-President of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), under the supervision of Ministry of Digital Economy and Society with a wide range of experiences in software and hardware in over 15 years. Mr. Chatchai started his government role back in 2007 working as a specialist in Ministry of Information Communication Technology (MICT). He has been the COO & SEVP of Digital Economy Promotion agency since 2017 and previously served as spokesperson of Ministry of Information Communication Technology.


9:20 am (PT) – Investment Promotion Policy for Digital Industry

Mr. Ittichot Damrongraktam
Director, Thailand Board of Investment, Los Angeles Office

Ittichot began his career at the Department of Industrial Promotion in Bangkok in 2003 and has held important positions such as Senior Investment Promotion Officer, Deputy Director at the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) Frankfurt office, and Senior Investment Promotion Officer/Head of Automotive and Aerospace Industries. In 2021 he was appointed as Director of the BOI Los Angeles office.

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9:30 am (PT) - Long-Term Resident Visa: The New Tool to Attract Digital Talents

Ms. Kantarot Laopradith
Senior Investment Promotion Officer, Thailand Board of Investment

Ms. Kantarot Laopradith began her career at BOI in 2005 as a Project Analyst, Investment Promotion Officer and became Secretary to Japan, EU, Australia shortly after. From 2010 to 2018, she held the roles of Group Leader for Foreign Investment Strategy and Planning, Head of Smart Visa Program, and others. In 2021, Laopradith was appointed the Head of Long-term Residents Visa Program.

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9:45 am (PT) - Experience in Doing Business in Thailand

Mr. John Douglas
CEO, Mycos Technologies

John Douglas founded Mycos Technologies, a software consultancy, in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2002. Prior to founding Mycos, John worked as a software engineer in the U.S. for, among others, JD Edwards, an ERP company later acquired by Oracle. Under John's leadership, Mycos has been building software teams for companies in diverse verticals, including hospitality, bioinformatics, manufacturing, and business analytics. Currently, in addition to his work with Mycos, John is the co-founder of the startup OrderWire, a software platform for cloud/ghost kitchens.

9:55 am (PT) – Q&A Session


Event Moderator:

Mr. Atanu Chowdhury
Economic Development Manager, ROI Research on Investment

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022
9am - 10 am PT | 12 pm - 1 pm ET | 11pm - 12am BKK